rasls - Man Page

list information on rasterfiles


rasls  [-type] [-count] [-resolution] [-verbose] [-Version] [-ifmt file_format] [files]


For each file rasls will generate a one line description of the rasterfile. Information provided includes the format type (Sun, HDF, etc.), the encoding (indexed, direct, etc.), resolution, and filename. Files that cannot be read as rasterfiles, are empty, are directories, or are otherwise unrecognizable are simply listed as such.



Print the encoding type of the rasterfile. Currently this will be either indexed or direct.


Print the number of frames in the raster file.


Print the spatial resolution of a file in pixels.


Print help information.


Print as much information as possible about each rasterfile. Information provided is a combination of format-independent and format-dependent parameters.


Print the version number.

-ifmt format

Specify the input file format. format is one of the file name extensions discussed in ras_formats(5NCARG) (without the ".", e.g. xwd). When this option is specified file name extensions are not necessary and are ignored if present. All input files must have the same format.

See Also

rasview(1NCARG), rascat(1NCARG), rasgetpal(1NCARG), rasls(1NCARG), rassplit(1NCARG), ras_formats(5NCARG), ras_palette(5NCARG)

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