rasign2 - Man Page

radare2 zignature utility


rasign2[-afhjqrv] [-s space] [-o outfile] file


rasign2 collects signatures into a database file


Analyze binary after loading it with RCore and use -AA to run aaaa instead of aaa.


Treat the provided input file as an ar archive of .o files, and create signatures for all functions in the .o files.


After finding all signatures, find all signature collisions.


Interpret the input file as a flirt database and dump the signatures.


Show usage help message.


Show output in JSON.

-o file.sdb

Add signatures to file, create if it does not exist.


Enable quiet mode.


Show output in radare commands.

-s space

Add signatures save all signatures under this signspace.


Show version information.

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Written by pancake <pancake@nopcode.org>


August 6, 2020