radeontop - Man Page

tool to show GPU utilization

Examples (TL;DR)


radeontop [-chmv] [-b bus] [-d file] [-l limit] [-i secs] [-p device] [-t ticks]


RadeonTop shows the utilization of your GPU, both in general and by blocks.

Supported cards are R600 and up.


-b,  --bus bus

If you have multiple cards, use this parameter to select a specific one. For lspci output 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller, bus would be 1.

-c,  --color

Enables colorized output.

-d,  --dump file

Instead of displaying the data, dump it to file. Use - for stdout. The file is appended to, so it’s safe to specify the same filename for consecutive runs.

Use SIGTERM or SIGINT for graceful termination.

-h,  --help

Displays help.

-i,  --dump-interval seconds

Wait for N seconds between data output.

-l,  --limit limit

Quit after dumping limit lines. Only valid in dump mode. Default is to dump until terminated; use SIGTERM or SIGINT for graceful termination.

-m,  --mem

Forces the use of the /dev/mem path, in case autodetection fails. Useful for the proprietary driver.

-p,  --path device

Open the DRM device node specified by device path. Usually it is located at /dev/dri/card0 or /dev/drm0. If this option used, --bus and --mem are ignored.

-t,  --ticks ticks

How many times per second to sample the data. The default is 120. Higher numbers mean more accurate output and more overhead.

-v,  --version

Displays the program version.

Interactive Commands

C, c

Toggle colorized output.

Q, q



See http://github.com/clbr/radeontop