radecode man page

radecode — tshark-like decode of argus(1) user data


radecode -r argusFlowFile


Radecode is a perl script that uses text2pcap(1) and tshark(1) from the wireshark(1) distribution to decode TCP and UDP flow associated user data from an argus flow capture file. You must enable argus user data capture with the -U nnnn option or there will be no data to decode. Due to limitations in test2pcap only TCP and UDP flows are decoded. The other flow data are silently ignored.


In addition to the source file name all ra(1) options are available but may not make sense.

See Also

tshark(1), text2pcap(1), ra(1)


Carter Bullard
Dave Edelman


09 July 2013 radecode 3.0.8