racount man page

racount — count things from an argus(8) data file/stream.


racount [-M addr proto] [raoptions] [-- filter-expression]


Racount reads argus data from an argus-file list, and prints out various counts from the data in the file.  Racount supports, by default, a single line output that provide total records and pkt and byte counts, broken down by source and destination.


Racount, like all ra based clients, supports a number of ra options including filtering of input argus records through a terminating filter expression. See ra(1) for a complete description of ra options.

racount specfic options are:

-M modes

Supported modes are:


Print a count breakdown on protocols seen.  racount will report on IP protocols, ether protocols, arp, rarp and unknowwn.


Print a summary report of the occurence of the various types of network addresses encountered.  The current list of IANA standard network address types include:
   IPv4 Unicast ThisNet, Reserved, LoopBack, LinkLocal, TestNet and Private
   IPv4 Multicast Local, Internet, AdHoc, Reserved, SdpSap, Nasdaq, DisTrans, SrcSpec, Glop, Admin, OrgLocal and SiteLocal
   IPv6 Loopback, LinkLocal, SiteLocal, Global, V4Compat, V4Mapped and Unspecified
   IPv6 MulticastNodeLocal, MulticastLinkLocal, MulticastSiteLocal, MulticastOrgLocal and MulticastGlobal

Example Invocation

This example runs racount against a single argus data file, generating the default output.

% racount -r argus.2012.
racount   records     total_pkts     src_pkts       dst_pkts       total_bytes        src_bytes          dst_bytes
    sum   336         21319          9266           12053          16954495           1329172            15625323          

This example runs racount against a directory containing argus data, generating a protocol breakdown as well as generating a network address summary.

% racount -M proto addr -r argus.2012.
racount   records     total_pkts     src_pkts       dst_pkts       total_bytes        src_bytes          dst_bytes
    sum   336         21319          9266           12053          16954495           1329172            15625323          
Protocol Summary
    udp   1           28             28             0              14692              14692              0                 
     ip   222         20751          8891           11860          16799531           1238670            15560861          
    udp   103         513            324            189            138274             74068              64206             
    udp   1           1              1              0              422                422                0                 
    arp   7           16             12             4              936                680                256               
Address Summary
  IPv4 Unicast              src 0           dst 40        
  IPv4 Unicast Private      src 6           dst 3         
  IPv6 LinkLocal            src 3           dst 0         
  IPv6 Multicast Link Local src 0           dst 3 


Carter Bullard (carter@qosient.com).

See Also

ra(1), rarc(5), argus(8)


07 November 2000 racount 3.0.8