racket - Man Page

core Racket implementation

Examples (TL;DR)


racket [ option ... ] [ argument ... ]



  racket --help

for a list of command-line options and other start-up information.

Supplying no arguments to racket is the same as supplying the -i option for interactive evaluation.

Supplying non-switch, non-configuration arguments to racket is the same as putting -u before the arguments to run the first one as a module-based script.

More Information

For further information, run

  raco docs

to open installed documentation in your web browser.

Alternately, consult the on-line documentation and other information available at



Racket was implemented by Matthew Flatt and PLT. It was originally based on libscheme, written by Brent Benson.

See Also

raco(1), drracket(1), gracket(1)

Referenced By

drracket(1), gracket(1), mzc(1), mzscheme(1), raco(1), setup-plt(1).

May 2010