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Binary program info extractor

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rabin2[-AceghHiIsSMzlpRrLxvhqQTuUwV] [-a arch] [-b bits] [-B addr] [-C fmt:C:[D]] [-D lang sym|-] [-f subbin] [-k query] [-K algo] [-O binop] [-o str] [-m addr] [-@ addr] [-n str] [-X fmt file ...] file


This program allows you to get information about ELF/PE/MZ and CLASS files in a simple way.

All those command-line flags are also available under the i command in radare2. Type i? for help.

-@ addr

Show information (symbol, section, import) of the given address


List sub-binaries and their associated arch-bits pairs

-a arch

Set arch (x86, arm, .. accepts underscore for bits x86_32)

-b bits

Set bits (32, 64, ...)

-B addr

Override baddr


List classes


List classes in header format

-C [fmt:C[:D]]

Create [elf,mach0,pe] for arm and x86-32/64 tiny binaries where 'C' is an hexpair list of the code bytes and ':D' is an optional concatenation to describe the bytes for the data section.


Show debug/dwarf information

-D lang symbolname|-

Demangle symbol name (or - to read from stdin) for lang (cxx, swift, java, cxx, ..)


Show entrypoints for disk and on-memory


Show constructor/destructors (extended entrypoints)

-f subbin

Select sub-binary architecture. Useful for fat-mach0 binaries

-F binfmt

Force to use that bin plugin (ignore header check)


Show all possible information

-G addr

Load address . offset to header


Show usage help message.


Show header fields (see ih command in r2)


Show binary info (see iI command in r2)


Show imports (symbols imported from libraries) (see ii command in r2)


Output in json

-k query

Perform SDB query on loaded file

-K algo

Select a rahash2 checksum algorithm to be performed on sections listing (and maybe others in the future) i.e 'rabin2 -K md5 -S /bin/ls'


List linked libraries to the binary


List supported bin plugins


Show address of 'main' symbol

-m addr

Show source line reference from a given address

-N minlen:maxlen

Force minimum and maximum number of chars per string (see -z and -zz). if (strlen>minlen && (!maxlen || strlen<=maxlen))

-n str

Show information (symbol, section, import) at string offset

-o str

Output file/folder for write operations (out by default)

-O binop

Perform binary operation on target binary (dump, resize, change sections, ...) see '-O help' for more information


Disable VA. Always show physical addresses (not the same as -B0)


Show debug/pdb information


Download pdb file for binary


Be quiet, just show fewer data


Show less info (no offset/size for -z for ex.)


Show load address used by dlopen (non-aslr libs)


Show output in radare format


Show relocations


Show exported symbols


Show sections


Show segments


Show file hashes


Show certificates


Unfiltered (no rename duplicated symbols/sections)


Show resources


Show version information


Show binary version information


Show try/catch blocks


Extract all sub binaries from a fat binary (for example: fatmach0)

-X format file ...

Package a fat or zip containing all the files passed (fat, zip)


Show strings inside .data section (like gnu strings does)


Guess size of binary program


Shows strings from raw bins


Dump raw strings to stdout (for huge files)


RABIN2_LANG same as r2 -e bin.lang for rabin2

RABIN2_DEMANGLE demangle symbols

RABIN2_MAXSTRBUF same as r2 -e bin.maxstrbuf for rabin2

RABIN2_DEBASE64 try to decode all strings as base64 if possible

RABIN2_STRFILTER same as r2 -e bin.str.filter for rabin2

RABIN2_STRPURGE same as r2 -e bin.str.purge for rabin2

RABIN2_DEMANGLE_TRYLIB same as r2 -e bin.demangle.trylib=<bool> - try to dynamically load libraries to demangle

RABIN2_VERBOSE same as r2 -e bin.verbose=true


List symbols of a program

$ rabin2 -s a.out

Get offset of symbol

$ rabin2 -n _main a.out

Get entrypoint

$ rabin2 -e a.out

Load symbols and imports from radare2

$ r2 -n /bin/ls
[0x00000000]> .!rabin2 -prsi $FILE

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Written by pancake <pancake@nopcode.org>.

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November 22, 2021