r3.retile.1grass - Man Page

Retiles an existing 3D raster map with user defined x, y and z tile size.


raster3d, tiling, voxel


r3.retile --help
r3.retile [-c] input=name output=name  [tiledimension=XxYxZ]   [--overwrite]  [--help]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]  [--ui]



Disable tile caching


Allow output files to overwrite existing files


Print usage summary


Verbose module output


Quiet module output


Force launching GUI dialog


input=name [required]

Name of input 3D raster map

output=name [required]

Name of the retiled 3D raster map


The dimensions of the tiles used in the output raster3d map (XxYxZ or default: 16x16x8)
Default: default


r3.retile writes a copy of an existing 3D raster map with a user defined number of tiles in x, y and z direction. The precision and the type of the original 3D raster map are used for the new retiled 3D raster map.

See Also

r3.cross.rast, r3.out.ascii, g.region, r.tile


Sören Gebbert

Source Code

Available at: r3.retile source code (history)

Accessed: Tuesday Mar 19 11:02:12 2024

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