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r3.retile — Retiles an existing 3D raster map with user defined x, y and z tile size.


raster3d, tiling, voxel


r3.retile --help
r3.retile [-c] input=name output=name  [tiledimension=XxYxZ]   [--overwrite]  [--help]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]  [--ui]



Disable tile caching


Allow output files to overwrite existing files


Print usage summary


Verbose module output


Quiet module output


Force launching GUI dialog


input=name [required]

Name of input 3D raster map

output=name [required]

Name of the retiled 3D raster map


The dimensions of the tiles used in the output raster3d map (XxYxZ or default: 16x16x8)
Default: default


r3.retile writes a copy of an existing 3D raster map with a user defined number of tiles in x, y and z direction. The precision and the type of the original 3D raster map are used for the new retiled 3D raster map.

See Also

r3.cross.rast, r3.out.ascii, g.region, r.tile


Sören Gebbert

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Source Code

Available at: r3.retile source code (history)

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