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qzip - Man Page

compress or decompress with qat acceleration


qzip [ -AdfhHkLCro ] [ name ... ]


QATzip is a user space library which builds on top of the Intel QuickAssist Technology user space library, to provide extended accelerated compression and decompression services by offloading the actual compression and decompression request(s) to the Intel Chipset Series. QATzip produces data using the standard gzip format (RFC1952) with extended headers. The data can be decompressed with a compliant gzip implementation. QATzip is design to take full advantage of the performance provided by Intel® QuickAssist Technology.


-A --algorithm

set algorithm type, currently only support deflate

-d --decompress


-f --force

force overwrite of output file and compress links

-h --help

give this help

-H --huffmanhdr

set huffman header type

-k --keep

Keep (don't delete) input files during compression or decompression.

-L --level

set compression level

-C --chunksz

set chunk size


set max in-flight request number


set output file name