quvi-info man page

quvi-info — The daft information tool


quvi info [OPTIONS]


This command shows information about the quvi suite.

Default Behaviour

The command will print information about the installed libquvi media scripts.


-E, --print-subtitle-export-formats
Print the available export formats for the media subtitles. The current selection is provided by libquvi-scripts(7).
-D, --print-media-domains
Print the supported media domains. The current selection is provided by libquvi-scripts(7).
-V, --print-config-values
Print the value of all configuration options.
-P, --print-config-paths
Print the quvirc(5) search paths. See also quvirc(5) for notes.
-p, --script-property PROPERTY

Print the specified script property. PROPERTY may be one of the following values:


export.format - subtitle export scripts only


filepath - all scripts


filename - all scripts


domains - {playlist,subtitle,media} scripts


sha1 - all scripts


This option may be specified multiple times

-t, --script-type TYPE

Select the script type. TYPE may be one of the following values:


subtitle.export - media subtitle export scripts


subtitle - media subtitle extraction scripts


playlist - media playlist scripts


media - media scripts


scan - embedded media URL scan scripts


The support for the media hosts is determined by the current selection of libquvi-scripts(7).


See quvirc(5) for more information about the groups and the variables that quvi parses.


· Print the supported media domains:

$ quvi info -D

· Print information about playlist scripts:

$ quvi info -t playlist -p domains -p sha1


See quvi(1)

Exit Status

Either EXIT_SUCCESS or EXIT_FAILURE. The actual value depends on the platform, on POSIX systems they are 0 (success) and 1 (failure).

See Also

quvirc(5), libquvi(3)

Further Resources


Development code




Toni Gundogdu <legatvs@gmail.com>


Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to the quvi-devel mailing list <quvi-devel@lists.sourceforge.net> where the development and the maintenance is primarily done. You do not have to be subscribed to the list to send a message there.


quvi is Free Software licensed under the GNU Affero GPLv3+


Part of the quvi(1) suite

Referenced By

quvi(1), quvirc(5).

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quvi 0.9.5 11/10/2013