qucs-s - Man Page

An universal GUI for SPICE and not-SPICE circuit simulators


qucs-s [OPTION] ...


Qucs-S is an unversal tool that provides GUI for different SPICE and  not-SPICE circuit simulators. The following SPICE simulators are supported: Ngspice, XYCE, and SpiceOpus. Also it allows to use not-SPICE simulation  kernel Qucsator as simulation backends.


The latest version of Qucs-S can always be obtained from www.sourceforge.net or www.freshmeat.net

Reporting Bugs

Known bugs are documented within the BUGS file.  Report bugs to <qucs-bugs@lists.sourceforge.net>.


SPICE support written by 2015-2016 Vadim Kuznetsov <ra3xdh@gmail.com>,  and Mike Brinson <mbrin72043@yahoo.co.uk>

Based on original Qucs code by M. Margraf, S. Jahn, G.B. Torri, et al.


June 2016 Debian/GNU Linux