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quart - Man Page

quart – A general utility script for Quart applications.


quart [Options] COMMAND [ARGS]...


A general utility script for Quart applications. An application to load must be given with the --app option, QUART_APP environment variable, or with an app.py file in the current directory.


Optional Arguments

-e--env-file FILE

Load environment variables from this file. python-dotenv must be installed. -A--app IMPORT The QUART application or factory function to load, in the form module:name. Module can be a dotted import or file path. Name is not required if it is app, application, create_app, or make_app, and can be to pass arguments.

--debug / --no-debug

Set app.debug separately from --env.


Show the Quart version


Show a help message and exit



Show the routes for the app.

See quart-routes(1).


Run a development server.

See quart-run(1).


Run a shell in the app context.

See quart-shell(1).

See Also

quart-routes(1), quart-run(1), quart-shell(1)

Referenced By

quart-routes(1), quart-run(1), quart-shell(1).

February 2024