qsopt-ex-esolver - Man Page

manual page for qsopt-ex-esolver


qsopt-ex-esolver [- below -] prob_file


Exact Mixed Integer Linear Solver

-b f

write basis to file f

-B f

read initial basis from file f


input file is in lp format (default: mps)


write the final solution to the given file append .gz/.bz2 to the .sol extension to compress the file

-p #

run primal simplex with pricing rule # (1-Dantzig, 2-Devex, 3-Steep (default), 4-Partial

-P #

number of bits to use for the float representation (default: 128)

-d #

run dual simplex with pricing rule # (6-Dantzig, 7-Steep, 8-Partial, 9-Devex)


do NOT scale the initial LP


print QSopt version number

-R n

maximum running time allowed, default 2147483647.000000

-m n

maximum memory usage allowed, default 4294967295


January 2024 qsopt-ex-esolver