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qrls-torque - Man Page

release hold on pbs batch jobs


qrls [-h hold_list] [-t array_range] job_identifier ...


The qrls command removes or releases holds which exist on batch jobs.

A job may have one or more types of holds which make the job ineligible for execution. The types of holds are USER, OTHER, and SYSTEM. The different types of holds may require that the user issuing the qrls command have special privilege. Typically, the owner of the job will be able to remove a USER hold, but not an OTHER or SYSTEM hold. An Attempt to release a hold for which the user does not have the correct privilege is an error and no holds will be released for that job.

If no -h option is specified, the USER hold will be released.

If the job has no execution_time pending, the job will change to the queued state.  If an execution_time is still pending, the job will change to the waiting state.


-h hold_list

Defines the types of hold to be released from the jobs. The hold_list option argument is a string consisting of one or more of the letters "u", "o", an "s" in any combination. The hold type associated with each letter is:

u -


o -


s -


-t array_range

The array_range argument is an integer id or a range of integers. Multiple ids or id ranges can be combined in a comma delimted list. Examples: -t 1-100 or -t 1,10,50-100

If an array range isn't specified, the command tries to operate on the entire array. The command acts on the array (or specified range of the array) just as it would on an individual job.


The qrls command accepts one or more job_identifier operands of the form:

Standard Error

The qrls command will write a diagnostic message to standard error for each error occurrence.

Exit Status

Upon successful processing of all the operands presented to the qrls command, the exit status will be a value of zero.

If the qrls command fails to process any operand, the command exits with a value greater than zero.

See Also

qsub(1B), qalter(1B), qhold(1B), pbs_alterjob(3B), pbs_holdjob(3B), and pbs_rlsjob(3B).


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