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qikea ā€” Internet Key Exchange Access Manager


The qikea Qt GUI application is used to manage remote Site Configurations. A remote Site Configuration describes all the parameters used to establish an IPsec VPN Client connection with a remote gateway. In addition to the creation, removal and modificaion of remote Site Configurations, the qikea application also allows a user to launch the ikec(1) ( Shrew Soft IKE Connect ) Qt GUI application for the selected Site.

Return Values

The command exits with 0 on success, and non-zero on errors.


All user related configuration data is stored under the ~/.iked directory. Site Configuration files are stored under the ~/.iked/sites directory. Certificates and keys are are typically stored under the ~/.iked/certs directory. These directories are automatically created when the qikea application is run for the first time by a user.

See Also

iked(8) ikec(1), qikec(1),


The qikea program was written by Matthew Grooms ( mgrooms@shrew.net ) as part of the Shrew Soft ( http://www.shrew.net ) family of IPsec products.

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April 12, 2010