qdarkstyle.utils - Man Page

manual page for qdarkstyle.utils 3.2.3


usage: qdarkstyle.utils [-h] [--qrc_dir QRC_DIR]

[--create {pyqt5,pyqt6,pyside2,pyside6,qtpy,pyqtgraph,qt,qt5,all}]


Script to process QRC files (convert .qrc to _rc.py and .rcc).

The script will attempt to compile the qrc file using the following tools:

- `pyside6-rcc` for PySide6 and QtPy (Python) (Official) - There is no specific rcc compiler for PyQt6, use `pyside6-rcc` (Python) - `pyrcc5` for PyQt5 (Python) - `pyside2-rcc` for PySide2 (Python) - `rcc` for Qt5/Qt6 (C++)

Delete the compiled files that you don't want to use manually after running this script.

Links to understand those tools:

- `pyside6-rcc`: https://doc.qt.io/qtforpython/tutorials/basictutorial/qrcfiles.html (Official) - `pyrcc5`: http://pyqt.sourceforge.net/Docs/PyQt5/resources.html#pyrcc5 - `pyside2-rcc: https://doc.qt.io/qtforpython/overviews/resources.html (Documentation Incomplete) - `rcc` on Qt6: https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/resources.html - `rcc` on Qt5: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/rcc.html


-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--qrc_dir QRC_DIR

QRC file directory, relative to current directory.

--create {pyqt5,pyqt6,pyside2,pyside6,qtpy,pyqtgraph,qt,qt5,all}

Choose which one would be generated.

--watch, -w

Watch for file changes.


April 2024 qdarkstyle.utils 3.2.3