qdarkstyle.example - Man Page

manual page for qdarkstyle.example 3.2.3


usage: qdarkstyle.example [-h] [--palette {dark,light,none}]

[--qt_from {pyqt6,pyqt5,pyqt,pyside6,pyside2,pyside,qtpy,pyqtgraph,qt.py}]

[--test] [--screenshots] [--offscreen] [--reset]

Example of qdarkstyle use for Python and Qt applications.

This module a main window with every item that could be created with Qt Design (common ones) in the basic states (enabled/disabled), and (checked/unchecked) for those who has this attribute.


- Python 3 - QtPy - PyQt6 or PyQt5 or PyQt4 or PySide6 or PySide2 or PySide - PyQtGraph or Qt.Py (if chosen)

To run this example using PyQt5, simple do

.. code-block:: python

python example.py


.. code-block:: python

python example.py


Other options for qt_from are: pyqt6, pyqt5, pyside6, pyside2, pyqt, pyside, qtpy, pyqtgraph, and qt.py.

Also, you can run the example without any theme (none), to check for problems.

.. code-block:: python

python example.py

--qt_from=pyqt5 --palette=none


qdarkstyle does not have to be installed to run the example.


-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--palette {dark,light,none}

Palette to display. Using 'none' there is no style sheet applied, OS like.

--qt_from {pyqt6,pyqt5,pyqt,pyside6,pyside2,pyside,qtpy,pyqtgraph,qt.py}

Choose which binding and/or abstraction is to be used to run the example. Default is 'qtpy'


Auto close window after 2s.


Generate screenshots on images folder.


Do not try to show the screen (running on server).


Reset GUI settings (position, size) then opens.


November 2023 qdarkstyle.example 3.2.3