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qdarkstyle.example - Man Page

qdarkstyle.example – Example of qdarkstyle use for Python and Qt applications


python3 -m qdarkstyle.example [-h] [--palette {dark,light,none}] [--qt_from {pyqt6,pyqt5,pyqt,pyside6,pyside2,pyside,qtpy,pyqtgraph,qt.py}] [--test] [--screenshots] [--offscreen] [--reset]


This module implements a main window with every item that could be created with Qt Design (common ones) in the basic states (enabled/disabled), and (checked/unchecked) for those that have this attribute.


-h,  --help

Show a help message and exit.

--palette {dark,light,none}

Palette to display. Using none there is no style sheet applied, OS-like.

--qt_from {pyqt6,pyqt5,pyqt,pyside6,pyside2,pyside,qtpy,pyqtgraph,qt.py}

Choose which binding and/or abstraction is to be used to run the example. Default is qtpy.


Auto close window after 2s.


Generate screenshots in images folder.


Do not try to show the screen (running on server).


Reset GUI settings (position, size), then open.

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Referenced By

qdarkstyle(1), qdarkstyle.utils(1).

June 2024