qcvm - Man Page

A standalone QuakeC VM binary executor


qcvm[options] [parameters] program-file


qcvm is an executor for QuakeC VM binary files created using a QC compiler such as gmqcc(1) or fteqcc. It provides a small set of builtin functions, and by default executes the main() function if there is one. Some options useful for debugging are available as well.


There are 2 types of options. Options for the executor, and parameter options used to add parameters which are passed to the main function on execution.

-h, --help

Show a usage message and exit.


Trace the execution. Each instruction will be printed to stdout before executing it.


Perform some profiling. This is currently not really implemented, the option is available nonetheless.


Print information from the program's header instead of executing.


Disassemble the program by function instead of executing.

-disasm-func function

Search for and disassemble the given function.


List all entries from the program's defs-section. Effectively listing all the global variables of the program. This option disables execution.


List all entries from the program's fields-section. Listing all entity-fields declared in the program. This option disables execution.


List functions and some information about their parameters. This option disables execution. With a verbosity level of 1, builtin numbers are printed. With a verbosity of 2, the function's sizes are printed as well. This takes a little longer since the size is found by searching for a ā€˜DONEā€™ instruction in the code.


Increase verbosity level, can be used multiple times.

-vector 'x y z'

Append a vector parameter to be passed to main().

-float number

Append a float parameter to be passed to main().

-string 'text'

Append a string parameter to be passed to main().


The following builtin functions are available:

1) void print(string...) = #1;
Print the passed strings to stdout. At most 8 strings are allowed.
2) string ftos(float) = #2;

Convert a float to a string.

3) entity spawn() = #3;

Spawn an entity.

4) void remove(entity) = #4;

Remove an entity.

5) string vtos(vector) = #5;

Convert a vector to a string.

6) void error(string...) = #6;

Print strings to stdout and then exit with an error (limited to 8 arguments)

7) float vlen(vector) = #7;

Get the length of a vector.

8) string etos(entity) = #8;

Get the entity ID as string.

9) float stof(string) = #9;

Convert a string to a float.

10) string strcat(string, string) = #10;

Concatenate two strings, returning a tempstring.

11) float strcmp(string, string) = #11;

12) float strncmp(string, string, float) = #11;

Compare two strings. Returns the same as the corresponding C functions.

12) vector normalize(vector) = #12;

Normalize a vector so its length is 1.

13) float sqrt(float) = #13;

Get a value's square root.

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See <http://graphitemaster.github.com/gmqcc>.


Please report bugs on <http://github.com/graphitemaster/gmqcc/issues>, or see <http://graphitemaster.github.com/gmqcc> on how to contact us.

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