qcomicbook - Man Page

QT viewer for comic book archives (cbr/cbz)


qcomicbook [archive] [dir] ...


QComicBook is a viewer for comic book archives containing jpeg/png/xpm/gif images, which aims at convenience and simplicity.

Features include:
- automatic decompression of zip (cbz), rar (cbr), ace (cba), targzipped (cbg) and tarbzip2ped (cbb) archives
- full-screen mode
- two-pages viewing
- page scaling
- mouse or keyboard navigation
- bookmarks
- thumbnails
- page caching and page preloading
- ... and more

QComicBook software requirements:
- rar/unrar (one of them), unzip, unace and tar (with gzip and bzip2 support compiled-in) available somewhere in the PATH (e.g. in /usr/bin). If one of them is missing, you won't be able to open some archives
- a lot of disk space available in /tmp directory, for handling decompression of archives


Keyboard reference:
- Ctrl+O         - Open archive
- Ctrl+D         - Open directory
- Alt+I          - Show comicbook info
- Arrows         - Scroll page contents
- Shift + Arrows - Scroll page contents fast
- PageDown       - Go to next page
- PageUp         - Go to previous page
- Home           - Scroll to page top
- End            - Scroll to page bottom
- Space          - Scroll down by visible width (hint: enable continuous scrolling to jump to next page after reaching bottom)
- Backspace      - Scroll up by visible width (hint: enable continuous scrolling)
- Alt+O          - Original image size
- Alt+W          - Fit page width
- Alt+H          - Fit page height
- Alt+A          - Show whole page
- Alt+B          - Best fit
- Alt+T          - Toggle thumbnails window
- F11            - Toggle fullscreen mode
- ESC            - Exit fullscreen mode


Here is some information for people interested in QComicBook internals.

1. Settings handling

QComicBook keeps settings in ~/.qcomicbook directory within these two files:
- qcomicbookrc - main configuration file
- bookmarks - bookmarks file

Both files are plain text files and may be edited manually (with caution!), if needed.

2. Thumbnails handling

Thumbnails are stored (if thumbnails disk caching is enabled) in ~/.qcomicbook/cache directory.

3. Archives handling

Archived comic books are decompressed to temporary directory (/tmp/qcomicbook-XXXXX, with XXXXX being some random number). This directory is purged when closing current comic book, opening a new one or quitting QComicBook.


QComicBook was written by Pawel Stolowski <pawel.stolowski@wp.pl>.

This manual page was written by Michal Pena (Cyb.org) <mp@horisone.com>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).


july 31, 2005 Michal Pena (Cyb.org)