qcmsevents man page

qcmsevents ā€” Xorg color management event observer


qcmsevents [--show]


qcmsevents is a analysis tool for observing and debugging color management events under X. It knows about _ICC_PROFILE in X, X Color Management specification and EDID events. Applications issuing such events are tools to configure the monitors ICC profile, viewers using the X Color Management specification and desktop color servers. The first lines of output will contain some status informatins and some important observed atom names. Following are the monitors with their geometry and a optional ICC profile. Dynamic events are show imediately. The tool will reside in the system try with a cmall CIE*diagram icon. If that is colored it means that a color server is running. If its gray no color server could be detected. The message window can be opened from the icon.



Show the window. Useful for window managers without systray. list installed profiles.


Kai-Uwe Behrmann (ku.b (at) gmx.de)

See Also

xcmddc(1) xcmedid(1) libXcm(3) XcmEvents(3) oyranos(3) http://www.oyranos.org


at: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=177017&atid=879553


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