qasmixer - Man Page

Desktop sound mixer for ALSA


qasmixer [OPTION]...


QasMixer is a desktop mixer application for the Linux sound system ALSA.


-h,  --help

prints a help text.

-c, --card=NUMBER

selects a sound card.

-D, --device=NAME

selects a mixer device (e.g. hw:1).

-t,  --tray

start minimized in tray.

-n,  --no-single

allow multiple instances.

-c, --copying

prints copying information.

-v,  --version

prints the program version.


QasMixer is part of the QasTools applications collection.

It is written in C++ using the Qt GUI libraries.

See Also

alsamixer(1), qasconfig(1), qashctl(1)

Referenced By

qasconfig(1), qashctl(1).

2011-12-14 Linux QasTools Manuals