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qalter - Man Page

alter a job name, the job rerun flag or the job output file name.


qalter [-N Name]
      [-r y|n]
      [-o output file]
      <job ID>


The qalter updates job name, job rerun flag or job output(stdout) log location.

It is aimed to be feature-compatible with PBS' qsub.



Update job name in the queue


Alter a job rerunnable flag. "y" will allow a qrerun to be issued. "n" disable qrerun option.


Alter a job output log file name (stdout).

The job log will be move/rename after the job has terminated.

-? | --help

brief help message


full documentation

See Also

qrerun(1) qsub(1)

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2024-01-27 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation