python-tackerclient man page

python-tackerclient ā€” python-tackerclient

In order to use the python tacker client directly, you must first obtain an auth token and identify which endpoint you wish to speak to. Once you have done so, you can use the API.

In order to use the CLI, you must provide your OpenStack username, password, tenant, and auth endpoint. Use the corresponding configuration options (--os-username, --os-password, --os-tenant-name, and --os-auth-url) or set them in environment variables:

export OS_USERNAME=user
export OS_PASSWORD=pass
export OS_TENANT_NAME=tenant
export OS_AUTH_URL=

The command line tool will attempt to reauthenticate using your provided credentials for every request. You can override this behavior by manually supplying an auth token using --os-url and --os-auth-token. You can alternatively set these environment variables:

export OS_URL=
export OS_TOKEN=3bcc3d3a03f44e3d8377f9247b0ad155

If tacker server does not require authentication, besides these two arguments or environment variables (We can use any value as token.), we need manually supply --os-auth-strategy or set the environment variable:

export OS_AUTH_STRATEGY=noauth

Once you've configured your authentication parameters, you can run tacker -h to see a complete listing of available commands.


Feb 09, 2018 python-tackerclient