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pyspdxtools - Man Page

manual page for pyspdxtools 0.8.2


pyspdxtools [Options]


CLI-tool for validating SPDX documents and converting between RDF, TAGVALUE, JSON, YAML and XML formats. Formats are determined by the file endings. To use, run: 'pyspdxtools --infile <input file name> --outfile <output file name>'


-i,  --infile TEXT

The file containing the document to be validated or converted.  [required]

-o,  --outfile TEXT

The file to write the converted document to (write a dash for output to stdout or omit for no conversion). If you add the option --graph to the command the generated graph will be written to this file.

--version TEXT

The SPDX version to be used during parsing and validation ("SPDX-2.2" or "SPDX-2.3"). Will be read from the document if not provided.


Don't validate the provided document.


Generate a relationship graph from the input file. The generated graph is saved to the file specified with --outfile. Note: You need to install the optional dependencies 'networkx' and 'pygraphviz' for this feature.


Show this message and exit.


June 2024 pyspdxtools 0.8.2