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pysassc - Man Page

manual page for pysassc 0.23.0 (sass/libsass 3.6.6)


pysassc [options] SCSS_FILE [OUT_CSS_FILE]



show program's version number and exit

-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

-t STYLE, -s STYLE, --style=STYLE, --output-style=STYLE

Coding style of the compiled result.  Choose one of nested, expanded, compact, or compressed. [default: nested]

-m,  -g,  --sourcemap

Emit source map.  Requires the second argument (output css filename).


Output file for source map. If omitted, source map is based on the output css filename


Embed sourcesContent in source map


Embed sourceMappingUrl as data URI


Omit source map URL comment from output


Base path, will be emitted to sourceRoot in source-map as is

-I DIR, --include-path=DIR

Path to find "@import"ed (S)CSS source files. Can be multiply used.


Set the precision for numbers. [default: 5]


Include debug info in output


June 2024 pysassc 0.23.0 (sass/libsass 3.6.6)