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pyopentrep - Man Page

Python wrapper around the C++ Travel Request Parser (TREP) library


pyopentrep [--prefix] [-v|--version] [-h|--help] [-d|--xapiandb <Xapian-travel-database-path>] [-t|--sqldbtype <SQL-database-type>] [-s|--sqldbconx <SQL-database-connection-string>] [-f|--format <output-format>] [-g|--generate <nb-of-por>]


pyopentrep is a small Python wrapper around the OpenTREP library.

pyopentrep accepts the following options:

-h, --help
Produce that message and show usage.

-d, --xapiandb <Xapian-travel-database-path>
Path (directory) to the Xapian travel database. The indexer creates, or overwrites it when it already exists, the Xapian database. It materialises as a collection of data files within a directory usually named 'traveldb'.

-t, --sqldbtype <SQL-database-type>
SQL database type, e.g., nosql (no SQL database), sqlite, mysql

-s, --sqldbconx <SQL-database-connection-string>
SQL database connection string, e.g., ~/tmp/opentrep/sqlite_travel.db (for SQLite3), 'db=trep_trep user=trep password=trep' (for MySQL)

-f, --format
Format of the output: Short (S, default), Full (F), raw JSON (J) and Interpretation from JSON (I).

-g, --generate <nb-of-por>
Number of POR (points of reference) to generate

See the output of the `pyopentrep --help' command for default options.

See Also

opentrep-indexer(1), opentrep-dbmgr(1), opentrep-searcher(1), opentrep-config(1), opentrep-library(3)


Please report any bugs to http://github.com/trep/opentrep/issues

Referenced By


Version 0.07.15 OpenTREP