pymcabatch man page

pymcabatch — Batch fitting of X-ray Fluorescence Spectra


pymcabatch [OPTIONS] [FILES]


Loops over a series of input files to which the same fitting parameters can be applied. The setup of the fit configuration is usually made via the main PyMca application.

The program stores the fitted parameters inside the IMAGES directory created in the user specfified output directory. The pymcapostbatch tool can perform further analysis via correlation tools.

The user can also request an HTML report. This is much slower but can be convenient to browse the results with a Web browser.

This tool is also accessible via the Tools menu of the main PyMca window application.


Open a dialog to select input files, fit configuration, output
directory and output parameters.
pymcabatch --cfg=fitconfig.cfg --outdir=/tmp/ *.mca
Fit all the .mca files in current directory using the specified
confifuration file fitconfig.cfg and stores the output in /tmp

pymcabatch --cfg=fitconfig.cfg --outdir=/tmp/ --listfile=inputfiles
Same as above but taken the files from the inputfiles file. This file
is just a text file with one file path in each line.


This tool, when used in command line mode, could run fully Qt independent because in that case it uses Qt just for showing the progress bar.

See Also

pymca, pymcapostbatch


March 2012 ESRF PyMca X-Ray Fluorescence Toolkit