pycdlib-extract-files - Man Page

tool to extract files from an ISO using pycdlib


pycdlib-extract-files [Options] <iso-file>


This is a tool to extract files from an existing ISO file.  Using this tool, the files and directories on an ISO can be extracted to the local filesystem.


-path-type [auto,iso9660,rockridge,joliet,udf]

Specifies the path name convention to use while extracting the files.  If the ISO to be extracted doesn't contain the path type specified, an error is thrown. If not specified, defaults to auto, which first tries to extract files via the UDF path, then the Rock Ridge path, then the Joliet path, and finally falls back to the ISO9660 path if all else fails.  Once one path type succeeds, all files will be extracted as that path type.

-start-path <pathname>

The ISO path to start extracting from, specified in a Unix like path (something like "/foo/bar").  If not specified, extraction starts from the root of the ISO (equivalent to specifying "/").  The starting path must be a directory on the ISO.  If -path-type is not specified, the path is an ISO9660 style path. If -path-type is specified, the start path specified here must be of that particular type.

-extract-to <destpath>

The local directory to extract the data to.  The "destpath" must exist and must be a directory, or an error will be thrown.  If not specified, pycdlib-extract-files will extract the files to the current directory.

See Also

pycdlib-explorer(1), pycdlib-genisoimage(1)


Chris Lalancette <>

Referenced By

pycdlib-explorer(1), pycdlib-genisoimage(1).

Sep 2018