pycdlib-compare man page

pycdlib-compare — tool to fuzzily compare two ISOs


pycdlib-compare <iso-file-1> <iso-file-2>


This is a tool to fuzzily compare the contents of two ISOs, looking for differences between them.  This is most often useful when trying to find what changed between two ISOs, as vastly different ISOs will have vastly different layouts. Because of the nature of the ISO9660 standard, even two very similar ISOs may have significantly different structure; if that is the case, use the command-line options to help control this behavior.

The output from this command will be one human-readable line per difference found in the ISOs.



Ignore differences in dates while comparing.  This can help reduce differences when comparing two ISOs that are similar, but one of which has recently been remastered (and thus all of the dates are newer).

See Also

pycdlib-explorer(1), pycdlib-genisoimage(1)


Chris Lalancette <>

Referenced By

pycdlib-explorer(1), pycdlib-genisoimage(1).

Jan 2017 pycdlib-compare