pybtex-format man page

pybtex-format ā€” format bibliography database as human-readable text


pybtex-format [ options ] in_filename out_filename


pybtex-format formats bibliography database as human-readable text.

General Optons


show program's version number and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit


turn warnings into errors

-f FORMAT, --bibliography-format=FORMAT

bibliograpy format (bibtex, bibtexml, yaml)

-b BACKEND, --output-backend=BACKEND

output backend (html, latex, markdown, plaintext)


include item after NUMBER crossrefs; default 2


allow BibTeX entries without keys and generate unnamed-<number> keys for them

-s STYLE, --style=STYLE

bibliography formatting style

Pythonic Style Options


label formatting style (alpha, number)


name formatting style (lastfirst, plain)


sorting style (author_year_title, none)


use abbreviated name formatting style

Encoding Options

-e ENCODING, --encoding=ENCODING

default encoding



See Also


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