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pwqgen - Man Page

Generate quality controllable random passphrase


pwqgen [options]


The pwqgen program generates a random passphrase using the libpasswdqc library. Strength of the generated passphrase depends on the amount of randomness read from /dev/urandom.



(default: random=47) The size of randomly-generated passphrase in bits (24 to 136).


Load config FILE in the passwdqc.conf format. This file may define any options described in passwdqc.conf(5), but only the random and config options are honored by pwqgen.


Output pwqgen program version and exit.

-h, --help

Output pwqgen help text and exit.

Exit Status

pwqgen exits with non-zero status when it encounters invalid config file, invalid option, invalid parameter value, when it fails to obtain enough randomness, and in any case when it fails to generate a passphrase.


/etc/passwdqc.conf (not read unless this suggested file location is specified with the config=/etc/passwdqc.conf option).

See Also

pwqcheck(1), libpasswdqc(3), urandom(4), passwdqc.conf(5), pam_passwdqc(8).



The pam_passwdqc module was written for Openwall GNU/*/Linux by Solar Designer. The pwqgen program was originally written for ALT GNU/*/Linux by Dmitry V. Levin, indirectly reusing code from pam_passwdqc (via libpasswdqc). This manual page was written for Openwall GNU/*/Linux by Dmitry V. Levin.

Referenced By

libpasswdqc(3), pwqcheck(1).

March 10, 2021