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pw-dump - Man Page

The PipeWire state dumper

Examples (TL;DR)


pw-dump [options]


The pw-dump program produces a representation of the current PipeWire state as JSON, including the information on nodes, devices, modules, ports, and other objects.


-h | --help

Show help.

-r | --remote=NAME

The name of the remote instance to dump. If left unspecified, a connection is made to the default PipeWire instance.

-m | --monitor

Monitor PipeWire state changes, and output JSON arrays describing changes.

-N | --no-colors

Disable color output.

-C | --color=WHEN

Whether to enable color support. WHEN is never, always, or auto.


The PipeWire Developers <https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/pipewire/issues>; PipeWire is available from <https://pipewire.org>

See Also

pipewire(1), pw-cli(1), pw-top(1),

Referenced By

pipewire(1), pw-config(1), pw-top(1).

1.1.82 PipeWire