pw-dot - Man Page

The PipeWire dot graph dump


pw-dot [options]


Create a .dot file of the PipeWire graph.

The .dot file can then be visualized with a tool like dotty or rendered to a PNG file with dot -Tpng -o pw.png.


-r | --remote=NAME

The name the remote instance to connect to. If left unspecified, a connection is made to the default PipeWire instance.

-h | --help

Show help.


Show version information.

-a | --all

Show all object types.

-s | --smart

Show linked objects only.

-d | --detail

Show all object properties.

-o FILE | --output=FILE

Output file name (Default Use - for stdout.

-L | --lr

Lay the graph from left to right, instead of dot's default top to bottom.

-9 | --90

Lay the graph using 90-degree angles in edges.


The PipeWire Developers <>; PipeWire is available from

See Also

pipewire(1), pw-cli(1), pw-mon(1),


General Commands Manual