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pvsecret-create-association - Man Page

Create an association secret


pvsecret create association [OPTIONS] <NAME>


Use an association secret to connect a trusted I/O device to a guest. The `pvapconfig` tool provides more information about association secrets.



String to identify the new secret. The actual secret is set with --input-secret. The name is saved in `NAME.yaml` with white-spaces mapped to `_`.


Print the hashed name to stdout. The hashed name is not written to `NAME.yaml`

--input-secret <FILE>

Path from which to read the plaintext secret. Uses a random secret if not specified.

--output-secret <FILE>

Save the generated secret as plaintext in FILE. The generated secret can be used to generate add-secret requests for a different guest with the same secret using --input-secret. Destroy the secret when it is not used anymore.

-h, ā€‰--help

Print help.

See Also

pvsecret(1) pvsecret-create(1)

Referenced By


2024-05-21 s390-tools UV-Secret Manual