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pvsecret - Man Page

Manage secrets for IBM Secure Execution guests


pvsecret [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>


Use pvsecret to manage secrets for IBM Secure Execution guests. pvsecret can create add-secret requests on any architecture. On s390x systems, use pvsecret to add the secrets to the ultravisor secret store, list all secrets in the secret store, or lock the secret store to prevent any modifications in the future.

The ultravisor secret store stores secrets for the IBM Secure Execution guest. The secret store is cleared on guest reboot.

Create requests only on trusted systems that are not the IBM Secure Execution guest where you want to inject the secrets. This approach prevents the secrets from being in cleartext on the guest. For extra safety, do an attestation with pvattest of your guest beforehand, and include the configuration UID in the secret request using --cuid. Refer to pvsecret-add(1) for more information. For all certificates, revocation lists, and host-key documents, both the PEM and DER input formats are supported.

Pvsecret Commands


Create a new add-secret request


Perform an add-secret request (s390x only)


Lock the secret-store (s390x only)


List all ultravisor secrets (s390x only)


Verify that an add-secret request is sane


-v,  --verbose

Provide more detailed output.


Print version information and exit.

-h,  --help

Print help.


Create the add-secret request on a trusted system. The program generates two files. addsecreq.bin contains the add-secret request. XAMPLE.yaml contains the non-confidential information about the generated secret. It contains name and id of the secret.

	trusted:~$ pvsecret create -k hkd.crt --cert CA.crt --cert ibmsk.crt --hdr pvimage -o addsecreq.bin association EXAMPLE
	Successfully generated the request
	Successfully wrote association info to 'EXAMPLE.yaml'

On the SE-guest, add the secret from request to the secret store.

	seguest:~$ pvsecret add addsecreq.bin
	Successfully added the secret

On the SE-guest, list the secrets currently stored.

	seguest:~$ pvsecret list
	Total number of secrets: 1

	0 Association:

On the SE-guest, lock the secret store.

	seguest:~$ pvsecret lock
	Successfully locked secret store
	seguest:~$ pvsecret add addsecreq.bin
	error: Ultravisor: 'secret store locked' (0x0102)

See Also

pvsecret-create(1) pvsecret-add(1) pvsecret-lock(1) pvsecret-list(1) pvsecret-verify(1)

Referenced By

pvapconfig(1), pvsecret-add(1), pvsecret-create(1), pvsecret-create-association(1), pvsecret-create-meta(1), pvsecret-list(1), pvsecret-lock(1), pvsecret-verify(1).

2024-05-21 s390-tools UV-Secret Manual