pvfs2-statfs - Man Page

Display statistics about a pvfs2 volume


pvfs2-statfs -m mount_point


Displays aggregate PVFS2 file system information as well as individual server statistics.

Aggregate Statistics

Displays the filesystem id number ( fs_id ), the total number of servers, the total and available handles, and the total and available bytes.

Meta Server Statistics

Displays the bmi address of the server, the total and available handles, the total and available bytes, and the mode of the server.

I/O Server Statistics

same as the meta server statistics above



Display information about the volume and servers at mount_point



If set, the full pathname for an alternate pvfs2tab file


Please report all bugs to the pvfs2 bugzilla (http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/pvfs/)


The PVFS2 development team (pvfs2-developers@beowulf-underground.org)

See Also

pvfs2-server(1), pvfs2-statfs(1) pvfs2-ping(1) pvfs2-cp(1) pvfs2-genconfig(1)

Referenced By

pvfs2(1), pvfs2-genconfig(1), pvfs2-ls(1), pvfs2-ping(1), pvfs2-server(1), pvfs2tab(5).

SEPTEMBER 2003 PVFS2 Manuals