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pvfs2-ping - Man Page

Check if all servers in a PVFS2 volume are running


pvfs2-ping -m MOUNTPOINT


Check if all servers in the PVFS2 volume at MOUNTPOINT are running.   pvfs2-ping will go through several phases
Checking pvfstab

finds the first pvfs2tab file according to the usual rules and displays the initial server, the storage name, and the local mount point.


talks to the initial server and gets PVFS2 configuration information.  Displays the meta servers and the data servers, as well as on which port they are running

Verify Response

verifies all servers in the PVFS2 volume respond to requests

Identifier Consistency

Makes sure all servers agree that the file-system identifier for the filesystem is the same on all servers

Root Handle Check

Makes sure that only one server owns the file system's root handle



Display information about the volume and servers at mount_point



If set, the full pathname for an alternate pvfs2tab file


Please report all bugs to the pvfs2 bugzilla (http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/pvfs/)


The PVFS2 development team (pvfs2-developers@beowulf-underground.org)

See Also

pvfs2-server(1), pvfs2-statfs(1), pvfs2-ping(1), pvfs2-cp(1), pvfs2-genconfig(1), pvfs2tab(5)

Referenced By

pvfs2(1), pvfs2-genconfig(1), pvfs2-ls(1), pvfs2-server(1), pvfs2-statfs(1), pvfs2tab(5).

SEPTEMBER 2003 PVFS2 Manuals