pvfs2-mkspace - Man Page

pvfs2-mkspace – create storage space for OrangeFS server


pvfs2-mkspace [-adDhvV] [-c name] [-i id] [-r handle] [-M range] [-N range] [--data-space path] [--meta-space path] directory


The pvfs2-mkspace utility creates an OrangeFS volume with a single collection or adds a new collection to an existing storage space.  It should be used after changing the storage configuration of a server which has already been initialized.

The options are as follows:


Add a collection instead of creating a new storage space.


Use all default options.  The default options can be seen with -h.


Remove (permanently) the storage space.


Display synopsis.


Print version number and exit.


Display verbose messages.


Use name as the collection name.


Use id as file system ID.


Use handle as the root handle.


Use range as the metadata handle range.


Use range as the data handle range.


Use path as the path to the data space.


Use path as the path to the metadata space.



If set to the path of a local file, redirect debug output to it.


Set the OrangeFS debug mask.  Possible masks are documented in pvfs2-set-debugmask(1).


Please submit bug reports to pvfs2-developers@beowulf-underground.org

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