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pvfs2-mkdir - Man Page

pvfs2-mkdir – create directory in an OrangeFS volume


pvfs2-mkdir [-m mode] [-i initial] [-x maximum] [-s split] [-pVvh] directory


The pvfs2-mkdir utility creates a directory in an OrangeFS volume at directory.

The options are as follows:


Set permission mode as three or four digit octal number mode.


Set initial number of dirdata handles.


Set maximum number of dirdata handles.


Set number of directory entries stored before split.


Create parent directories as needed within OrangeFS.


Display verbose messages.


Print version number and exit.


Display synopsis.



If set to the path of a local file, redirect debug output to it.


Set the OrangeFS debug mask.  Possible masks are documented in pvfs2-set-debugmask(1).


If set, the full pathname for an alternate pvfs2tab file




Create a directory.

pvfs2-mkdir /mnt/foo

Create a directory whose entries are always distributed across 4 servers. In this case a split will never need to occur, so the split size is irrelevant.

pvfs2-mkdir -i 4 -x 4 /mnt/foo

Create a directory whose entries initially reside on 1 server, but may eventually grow so that entries are distributed across 4 servers.  When any single server reaches the maximum of 10,000 directory entries, another of the available servers becomes active and entries are split across active servers, up to a maximum of 4 servers.

pvfs2-mkdir -i 1 -x 4 -s 10000 /mnt/foo


Please submit bug reports to pvfs2-developers@beowulf-underground.org

See Also

mkdir(1), pvfs2-touch(1), pvfs2tab(5)