pvattest-perform - Man Page

execute an attestation measurement request


Run a measurement of this system using '/dev/uv'. Works only if this device is available and the attestation Ultravisor facility is present. The input must be an attestation request created with 'pvattest create'. Output will contain the original request and the response from the Ultravisor.


-h,  --help

Show help options

-i,  --input=FILE

FILE specifies the attestation request as input.

-o,  --output=FILE

FILE specifies the output for the attestation result.

-V,  --verbose

Provide more detailed output (optional)


Perform an attestation measurement with the attestation request 'arcb.bin' and write the output to 'measurement.bin'.

        pvattest perform --input attreq.bin --output attresp.bin

See Also

pvattest(1), pvattest-create(1), pvattest-verify(1)

Referenced By

pvattest-create(1), pvattest-verify(1).

07 June 2022 s390-tools Attestation Manual