pva-dbschema-update man page

pva-dbschema-update — PHP VOMS-Admin(PVA) tool to update database schema to the latest version


The pva-dbschema-update command update database schema to the latest version required for PHP VOMS-Admin operation.


pva-dbschema-update [-f] [-h <host>] -d <database> -u <user> -p <password>


force database schema update invocation (assuming database version is oldest)
-h <host>
database server host (localhost is used by default)
-d <database>
target database name for schema update
-u <user>
username to access database on server
-p <password>
passwoed to access database on server

Extended Description

The pva-dbschema-update command designed to be called within package post-install script to authomatically update all served VO databases on PHP VOMS-Admin update.

In case database migration from another server that runs older version of PHP VOMS-Admin it is required to update database schema manually.


pva-dbschema-update -d voms_testbed -u voms_user -p P@ssw0rd


Andrii Salnikov <manf@grid.org.ua>

See Also

pva-addvo(1), pva-config(5), voms(8)


2012-05-08 PHP VOMS-Admin version 0.7.0 PVA Users Manual