pts-subscribe - Man Page

time-limited subscription to the PTS


pts-subscribe [options] package

pts-unsubscribe [options] package


pts-subscribe sends a subscription request for package to the Package Tracking System at, and cancels the subscription 30 days later.

If called as pts-unsubscribe, send an unsubscription request for package to the Package Tracking System.

This utility is useful if a developer has made an NMU and wants to track the package for a limited period of time.


--until time, -u time

When at(1) should cancel the subscription.  time must be specified using at's syntax.  Default is 'now + 30 days'.  This option will probably require quoting!


Don't cancel the subscription automatically.  This can also be specified as --until forever.

--help,  -h

Display a help message and exit successfully.


Display version and copyright information and exit successfully.

Environment Variables


If one of these is set (with preference give to DEBEMAIL), then this will be used for the subscription address.  If neither is set, then the email will be sent without a specified subscription address, and the email's From: line will be used to determine the sender's address.  This will be determined by mail(1).

Configuration Variables

The two configuration files /etc/devscripts.conf and ~/.devscripts are sourced in that order to set configuration variables.  Command line options can be used to override configuration file settings.  Environment variable settings are ignored for this purpose.  The currently recognised variables are:


Setting this is equivalent to giving a --until option.

See Also

at(1), information about the Package Tracking System in the Developer's Reference at


This program was written by Julian Gilbey <> based on a public domain prototype by Raphael Hertzog <> and is copyright under the GPL, version 2 or later.

Referenced By

bts(1), devscripts(1).

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