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ptrash - Man Page

move file(s) to ~/.trash directory


ptrash [Options] file-name-1 [file-name-2 ...]


ptrash is a console based simple application. ptrash moves the named file(s) to trash directory located under the home directory of a user. In case if ~/.trash is non-existent, ptrash creates it for you and then moves the file(s) to this directory. By default, ptrash runs in non-interactive mode, which means it does not ask user if she is sure to move the file to ~/.trash even when the named file already exists in trash and proceeds with overwriting that file.


ptrash supports the following options

-d --delete

Delete file(s) from trash


Enables an interactive moving of files to/from trash. ie. It asks for confirmation before over writing OR deleting any existing file.

-r --restore

Restore a file from trash to it's original location

-h --help

Prints this short usage help

-v --verbose

Verbose operation mode

-V --version

Displays the version information

See Also

cp(1) mv(1) rm(1) shred(1)


If you think you have found a bug in ptrash, please write to me with the ptrash-<version> string in the subject line, explaining precisely about the behaviour of ptrash.


ptrash does not facilitate moving of symbolic links to/from ~/.trash.


Prasad J Pandit <pj.pandit at yahoo.co.in>