pto_gen man page

pto_gen — Generate a Hugin project file from a list of images.


pto_gen [options] image [...]


pto_gen assembles a Hugin .pto project file that is suitable as input for further tools such as the cpfind control-point generator, or for opening with the Hugin panorama GUI itself. Functionality is similar to match-n-shift.


pto_gen *.jpg

This creates a project file from all jpg images, in the same folder as the first photo. The project file is named first_file-last_file.pto using the same convention as the Hugin GUI.


-o|--output file
Output Hugin PTO file.
-p|--projection num
Projection type (default: 0)
-f|--fov float
Horizontal field of view of images (default: 50)
Sets the crop of input images (especially for fisheye lenses)
-s|--stacklength num
Number of images in stack (default: automatic detection)
Link image positions in stacks
Try to load distortion information from lens database
Try to load vignetting information from lens database
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Thomas Modes

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