pterm - Man Page

Terminate an instance of the PMIx Reference RTE (PRTE)


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pterm terminates an instance of the PMIx reference run time environment (PRTE).

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JMS pterm --help shows this:

pterm (PRTE) 2.0.0a1

Usage: pterm [OPTION]...
Terminate an instance of the PMIx Reference RTE (PRTE)

/*****      General Options      *****/

-h|--help                            This help message
-v|--verbose                         Be verbose
-V|--version                         Print version and exit

/*****    DVM-Specific Options   *****/

   --dvm-uri <arg0>                  Specify the URI of the DVM master, or the name of the file (specified as
                                     file:filename) that contains that info
   --num-connect-retries             Max number of times to try to connect
   --pid <arg0>                      PID of the session-level daemon to which we should connect
   --system-server-first             First look for a system server and connect to it if found
   --system-server-only              Connect only to a system-level server
   --wait-to-connect                 Delay specified number of seconds before trying to connect


The PRTE maintainers ā€“ see or the file AUTHORS.

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