ptardiff man page

ptardiff — program that diffs an extracted archive against an unextracted one


    ptardiff is a small program that diffs an extracted archive
    against an unextracted one, using the perl module Archive::Tar.

    This effectively lets you view changes made to an archives contents.

    Provide the progam with an ARCHIVE_FILE and it will look up all
    the files with in the archive, scan the current working directory
    for a file with the name and diff it against the contents of the


    ptardiff ARCHIVE_FILE
    ptardiff -h

    $ tar -xzf Acme-Buffy-1.3.tar.gz
    $ vi Acme-Buffy-1.3/README
    $ ptardiff Acme-Buffy-1.3.tar.gz > README.patch


    h   Prints this help message

See Also

tar(1), Archive::Tar.


2016-07-27 perl v5.26.0 User Contributed Perl Documentation