pspsvg - Man Page

convert PaintShop Pro™ gradients (jgd, PspGradient) to the SVG format.


pspsvg [-g geometry] [-h] [-o file] [-p] [-v] [-V] [file]


The pspsvg utility converts the gradient files used by PaintShop Pro (which usually have the extension jgd or PspGradient) to the Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) format.

The program will read from stdin if a file is not specified as the final argument, and write to stdout if the -o option is not specified.

The output is formatted for machines to read, rather than humans. A post-processor such as tidy(1) could be used in the latter case.


--backtrace-file path

Specify a file to which to write a formatted backtrace. The file will only be created if there is a backtrace created, typically when an error occurs.

--backtrace-format format

Specify the format of the backtrace written to the files specified by --backtrace-file, one of plain, xml or json.

-g,  --geometry widthxheight

Specify the size of the SVG preview in pixels.

-h,  --help

Brief help.

-o,  --output file

Write the output to file, rather than stdout.

-p,  --preview

Include a preview in the SVG output. See also the --geometry option.

-v,  --verbose

Verbose operation.

-V,  --version

Version information.


Create a machine-readable SVG file:

pspsvg -v -o new.svg old.jgd

Create a human-readable SVG file:

pspsvg old.jgd | tidy -xml -indent -o new.svg


The author could find no public documentation for the PaintShop Pro gradient file format and so reverse-engineered it for the first version of this program. An improved analysis of the format by Olivier Berten[1] was used for the present version.

The PaintShop Pro format can be read by Photoshop, but Photoshop's native (grd) gradient format cannot be read by this program. To convert Photoshop gradients, see the pssvg(1) documentation.

PaintShop Pro™ is a trademark of the Corel Corporation. Adobe Photoshop™ is a trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.


J. J. Green

See Also

pssvg(1), svgpsp(1), tidy(1).



Olivier Berten

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