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pskctool - Man Page

Portable Symmetric Key Container (PSKC) tool


pskctool [OPTION]... [FILE]...


Manipulate Portable Symmetric Key Container (PSKC) data.

This tool allows you to parse, print, validate, sign and verify PSKC data.  The input is provided in FILE or on standard input.

-h,  --help

Print help and exit

-V,  --version

Print version and exit


Fail hard on PSKC parse error  (default=off)

-d,  --debug

Show debug messages on stderr  (default=off)

-q,  --quiet

Quiet operation  (default=off)

-v,  --verbose

Produce more output  (default=off)

Selecting one of the following modes is required:

Mode: info

-i,  --info

Parse and print human readable summary of PSKC input (default=off)

Mode: validate

-e,  --validate

Validate PSKC input against XML Schema  (default=off)

Mode: sign

Digitally sign PSKC data


Sign PSKC input  (default=off)


Private key to sign with


X.509 certificate to sign with

Mode: verify

Verify digitally signed PSKC data


Verify signed PSKC input  (default=off)


Trusted X.509 certificate for verification


See <https://www.nongnu.org/oath-toolkit/libpskc-api/pskc-tutorial-pskctool.html>.


Written by Simon Josefsson.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to: oath-toolkit-help@nongnu.org pskctool home page: <https://www.nongnu.org/oath-toolkit/>
General help using GNU software: <https://www.gnu.org/gethelp/>


January 2024 OATH Toolkit 2.6.11