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psi-notify - Man Page

notify on system-wide resource pressure using PSI


psi-notify is a minimal unprivileged notifier for system-wide resource pressure using PSI. This can help you to identify misbehaving applications on your machine before they start to severely impact system responsiveness, in a way which MemAvailable, CPU graphs, I/O utilisation graphs and other metrics cannot.


psi-notify does not take any options. If any are provided, a help message will be printed and psi-notify will exit.


You can optionally put configuration in ~/.config/psi-notify. Here's an example that will check roughly every 5 seconds, and pop up a notification when the configured values are exceeded:

update 5
log_pressures false

threshold cpu some avg10 50.00
threshold memory some avg10 10.00
threshold io full avg10 15.00

These are the default settings if no configuration is provided.

For more information about how these values are calculated, please see the PSI documentation at https://facebookmicrosites.github.io/psi/.


psi-notify requires Linux kernel 4.20+ and CONFIG_PSI=y. You will also need a notification daemon that conforms to the Desktop Notifications specification to receive the notifications.

See Also

cgroups(8), proc(5)


Chris Down chris@chrisdown.name

Reporting Bugs

Please send bug reports to https://github.com/cdown/psi-notify/issues.