psfs2mda - Man Page

extract the font from a dump of the IBM PC MDA ROM


psfs2mda [--compaq] [--comment=text] INPUT14 INPUT8 [INPUT8_ALT] OUTPUTFILE


psfs2mda generates an MDA character ROM image from two or three PSF-format  screen fonts. The output file can be used to create a new character ROM for an original IBM CGA or MDA, or (with the --compaq option) a Compaq CGA.

You must supply either two or three input files. The first file is used for  the 14-pixel font, the second for the 8-pixel font, and the third, if  present, for the alternative (thin) 8-pixel font. If the third file is not present, psfs2mda will attempt to use characters 256-511 of the second file. If the second file only has 256 characters, the alternative 8-pixel font will  be the same as the main 8-pixel font.

Note that the physical ROM chip used in an IBM MDA or CGA is a 9264, with a  pinout which differs from the normal 27xx range.



Output a ROM image suitable for the Compaq Portable/Deskpro CGA, rather than the IBM MDA/CGA.


When outputting in Compaq format, it is possible to embed a message (usually a copyright message) in unused bytes of the ROM. This option sets the message  to include.

See Also

psf2raw(1), mda2psf(1)


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